Friday, February 6, 2009

Lifestyle Changes to Increase Telomerase

US News and World Report had a story last week about boosting telomerase through diet, exercise and stress reduction.

Specifically, he found that telomerase was boosted by 30 percent in prostate cancer patients who followed a plant-based, whole-grain diet with very little fat or sugar for three months. The men also took fish oil supplements, did daily 30-minute bouts of exercise, and practiced yoga or meditation for an hour a day. "Telomerase turns up those genes associated with disease prevention and turns down the genes associated with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer," explains Ornish.

Just an ounce. The "pound of cure" lifestyle approach examined in his study may not be necessary for healthier folks, he says. They may need only an ounce of prevention to maintain their telomerase levels: switching from regular to nonfat dairy products; adding two or three servings of fruits and vegetables to their diet, for example; or doing just a few minutes of daily meditation.

What if you have already done those things are you still have short telomeres? Until there is a pharmaceutical solutions, herbal supplements of TA-65 might be the solution. Off to meditate now!


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